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Fallout New Vegas poster by Roy Guyatt


Fallout NV: Y-17 Trauma Suit by ~Garrett Post

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A Rather Kinky Tale of Survival

By: *patrickbrown



It’s a tough job scouring the vast wasteland while staying alive at the same time. Maxim Verehin created this beautiful Fallout being for the “Wasteland Marauder” challenge at Vote here.

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Wasteland Marauder by Maxim Verehin (deviantART) (CGHUB) (Facebook)


Thirty Days of Videogames - Day 16

Fallout New Vegas - ED-E, My Love

From Thirty Days of Videogames by Illustrator A.J. Hateley

Prints and Postcards Available Here

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Yua Guai with me on this one. My scanner is broken so I had to use my webcam :( But anyways this is a Enclave V. Brotherhood thing. Hope you like it :) Its a product of summer school bordem ;D

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