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Meet Alfons Ogdein by ~Mikkynga

This is my TF2 Char Alfons.

I made him a Ghoul in Fallout

He travels the wastes and plays his violin for Caps


funnelcakesrule asked you: 2011-10-20 21:19
Draw a Glowing One. ono

okay ono

i think he has disco fever

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Hallow Ghoul.

Been feeling rather uninspired lately. Hoping it’ll end soon. And hopefully this upcoming trip to Portland in about a week will help.

Enjoy. (?)

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My name is Harold.

FO02 NPC Harold N.png

"Well, after the Great War, my Vault was one of the first to open. Whew. Long time."


"I’m cranky, old, and I’ve been that way ever since I changed."


"Sometimes the meat slides right off the bone, if you know what I mean. Heh heh. Whoo. That was a wild time.

"Ehh what am I talking about. I’m a fucking tree"

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